Under Privileged Daycare

SST started the daycare program (approved by the Government) during the year 2005 in the trust building. This program enables underprivileged women who need support in terms of quality, substitute care for their young children while they are at work.The need is much greater for those women who work in non-organised sector.With the help of this facility the women equip and empower themselves financially and the family at large.


Social Service Trust runs about seven day care centers in the various surrounding areas. Basically the care takers provide day care to the children in a constructive way.It is also the objective of the Scheme to inculcate early childhood education and all round development through program. Apart from that, the kids are provided supplementary nutrition, sleeping facility, pre-school education, growth care, health check-up, immunization at free of cost. We prepare the non-affordable kids for direct entry into elementary education, who are not affordable to take up kinder-garden.


The lower income group women areunable to attain economic independence because of the time spent to bring up their kids. We have eradicated this issue by running day care for marginalized and poor women. Our centers work from morning 9am to evening 5pm in the following places Thoraipakkam, Injambakkam, Puzhuthivakkam, Sithalapakkam, keelkatalai, Jaladaiyaenpettai, Medavakkam. About 6 months to 6 years old children are provided care by the well-trained daycare workers.Program has covered around 3000 children till now. Over 2000 women are benefited through seeking domestic jobs.

2016 – 172353514555

2011 – 12 220 47 105 68
2012 – 13 225 43 142 40
2013 – 14 251 51 155 45
2014 – 15 238 53 125 60
2015 – 16 242 62 130 50
2017 – 18 240 124 116
2018 – 19 247 120 127
2019 – 20 258 135 123
2020 – 21 225 123 102

Future Plans:

To equip the students at par with modern schools, we are planning to improve the infrastructure and introduce modern techniques to enhance the activity based learning for the kids. Also there is a plan to expand the current facility further, to meet the growing needs.


The program basically runs with support of central Social welfare board.The funds are wholly spent for the maintenance&administration of the program at large. Donations from local patrons are also sought for the successful implementation and further enhancements to this program.