What We Do?

Social Service Trust started Family counseling centre in the year 2007, with the aid of Central Social welfare Board for addressing the domestic issues faced by women.
The Family Counseling Centre (FCC) was started to address the major problem faced by women in their domestic life that causes enduring pain and agony. FCC provides guidance and counseling for some of the below mentioned social issues.

• Women battered by their husbands & in laws
• Dowry harassments
• Neglect of women in their own families
• Neglect of women and their problems in joint families
• Marital Maladjustments
• Domestic violence.

Approach of FCC towards issues faced by women

Family Counsellors engage in various different activities in addressing the various issues faced by women. Below are some of the approaches:

• One to one counseling
• Group counseling
• Group meeting
• Awareness meeting to women adolescent girls.
• Referral to de-addiction
• Shelter Home Services.
• Referral to vocational training
• Referral to job opportunities.
• Referral to legal aid/Family court.

Approach of FCC towards young adolescents

Present day Scenario has brought to light the ever increasing problems of young adolescents. The structure of family has undergone a change and single parent families have become a common feature. Through Social Service Trust the FCC counsels for the below:

• Childhood depression
• Children affected by constant quarrel among the couple
• Children affected by separation of parents and increasing divorce rates have placed a great strain on young minds of children.
• Behaviors and conduct disorders of children
• Children with inability to cope up with school pressure
Social Service Trust also conducts women empowerment programme for adolescent girls in school & colleges and in all public places. FCC creates awareness on personal safety, attitude in the school and society, pros and cons of social networks and usage of smart phones. The Counselors stress on child welfare and safety provided by child welfare committee of state government. Functioning of FCC:
FCC functions in SST building on all working days from 10.AM to 6.00PM. One family Counsellor will be always present to admit cases. Over the years FCC started working in close Association with All Women Police Stations (AWPS) at Madipakkam and St. Thomas Mount. The family disputes faced by these police stations are referred to the FCC operated by SST and the counseling is provided by the eminent counselors. Due to increase in the number of Nuclear families, Family counseling Centers are facing huge number of marital issues.

Summary of problems addressed by the FCC

2011-12 265 30 37 42 42 41 20 55
2012-13 309 37 49 40 46 45 30 62
2013-14 285 29 46 49 48 37 24 52
2015-16 297 37 53 41 49 33 27 57
2016-17 325 39 59 47 55 37 29 59
2017-18 290 36 34 17 51 66 14 72
2018-19 313 15 45 11 64 87 11 80
2019-20 363 8 101 41 10 63 84 44
2020-21 268 2 60 32 27 34 80 14

Among the total cases, we see 140 successful cases  for a year.