What We Do?

SST believes education is the prime factor to increase the social standard of the weaker section. From the year 2007 SST has been involved itself in various initiatives for the improvement of education among communities. Educational awareness campaigns are conducted for the general public through periodic meetings. Meritorious students are awarded prizes ranging from gold coins to cash certificates every year. To encourage them to excel and perform better in their learning and career. Senior Secondary, Higher secondary and College students are chosen and rewarded.

For the economically weaker sections school fees payments are done thereby helping them to achieve continuous education. Also burden of educational expenses is substantially taken care by SST for the weaker sections of the society. In spite of the limited funds SST currently identified a poor meritorious medical student in Thanjavur district. For the past two years SST bears the full term fees of the student, also committed to support till her course completion. SST aim to extend this type of support for many such needy meritorious students in the coming years with the help of likeminded donors.

In the various functions conducted by the trust the importance and necessity of quality education and its benefits are discussed and debated. The awareness about higher education is provided through various channels. Currently the program is fully supported by generous funding of local patrons, by which SST is able to support only limited/few of the needy students. SST is looking for more donors to come forward to support large number of poor students.

Beneficiaries’ details

2010 – 11 30 12 8 7 3
2011 – 12 40 15 10 9 6
2014 – 15 45 14 13 10 8
2015 – 16 50 9 20 12 9
2016 – 17 58 14 22 10 12
2017 – 18 48 10 14 18 6
2018 – 19 52 12 14 20 6
2019 – 20 76 26 22 16 12


The Eduactional unit is purely run by the public donations. Donations are received by money or material. SST also donates books,uniforms and foods to economically weaker childerns, so as to enable them to become educate and benefit themselves.